10 Top BBQ Tips

10 Top BBQ Tips

Someone asked me lately what my top tips would be for a successful BBQ, so I thought, I will share my top tips

  1. Invest in a BBQ with a lid: Like a weber master touch It makes a world of difference to the flavour, as it allows low and slow cooking in indirect heat. The food then absorbs more of the smoke, yielding that classic smoky-sweet BBQ flavour.
  2. In my eyes charcoal is king. The flavour from charcoal is far superior to gas. For that next level flavour dimension, add some oak, beech wood or cherry wood chunks to the coals, I will go into more detail about smoking woods in a future post.
  3. Invest in a instant read thermometer: It takes all the guesswork out of it. It guarantees the correct core temperature for meats as well as easily measuring ‘doneness’ for red meats.
  4. The most essential tool for me must be a chimney starter to get the charcoal burning quickly and effortless
  5. With chicken; cook the meat first then char for a few seconds on each side directly over the coals at the end for flavour and top-notch presentation, always make sure you get an internal temperature of 75c with all poultry.
  6. Reverse this for burgers and steak - char before cooking; this seals in the juices.
  7. You know a burger and steak is ready to flip when it no longer sticks to the grill.
  8. Do not be afraid of the fire. Learn how to control and manage your heat and you can cook anything on a BBQ or in a smoker. Set up your coals so that you have two or three temperature zones. This is something that I will revised in a future post as well
  9. Invest in a recipe book there are some great ones out there it is a great way to puss your bounders and try something new every weekend and make you the star cook in the house.
  10. If you are a fan of high-quality pizza, buy yourself a pizza stone for the BBQ. You might never order takeout pizza again!

I could add a lot more to the list but for me these are the essentials to get cooking alfresco and enjoying the last bit of summer.

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