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Charcoal (Heat Bead) Basket

Charcoal (Heat Bead) Basket

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The Ozpig heat bead basket is one of the most useful accessories to own. It is a steel basket with lots of breathing holes that hangs down below the main cooking area and can be filled with heat bead briquettes or charcoal bringing the heat directly below the cooking surface. The basket has a slot in the side and also a lug inside the basket base to allow it to be lifted on and off the Ozpig with the lid lifter. It is perfect for days when you can't light a fire due to lack of time or no firewood etc.

It works great in conjunction with the rotisserie, BBQ plates or grill as well as wok, frying pans, billies, kettles etc and is also very handy for "measuring" out the required amount of heat to get that perfect temperature which is great for doing more delicate desserts like pavlovas and cakes. There are many heat bead charts around on the internet that work great using the basket. For some delicious ideas try some lump charcoal in the basket for an amazing flame grilled steak on the Ozpig grill or BBQ chicken on the rotisserie.

Some people also get more than 1 basket and use it on the side warming plate as an extra cooking surface.

There are a number of methods you can use to light up your beads or charcoal. A couple firelighters in the bottom of the Heat bead basket lit up with the heat beads on top and allowed to ash over until grey works great, alternatively the basket can be filled with beads and put over a gas burner for a few minutes to start the beads burning and allowed to ash over. You can also start them up in a chimney starter then tip them into the basket once ready.

Another good tip that we recommended is lighting a fire in the basket using small twigs, kindling and sticks to cook up a quick breakfast or boil the kettle for a cuppa.

The uses are endless which makes the Ozpig heat bead basket a must have for your Ozpig collection.