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FireFly Barbecue

Memphis Red BBQ Sauce - AWARD WINNING

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A MUST HAVE SAUCE – if you like a little kick in your BBQ sauce then this is one for you. It’s a real winner with everyone so get your mates and family round for a meal to end all meals, you will earn yourself legendary status with this one.

SOURCE – inspired by American flavours our barbecue sauce is made on UK soil and presented to you ready to eat. Use it as a dipping sauce or marinade pork, fish, beef and chicken to your hearts content

100% NATURAL – we are proud to say that our BBQ sauce contains no MSG or sulphates, in fact it doesn’t have anything artificial in it at all, it is 268ml of pure yumminess and a must have for your condiments cupboard

FLAVOUR – our sauce is both sweet and rich making it utterly to die for on ribs and pulled pork. Slather your meat in oozy sauce and you’ll be shouting for more after every bite

INGREDIENTS – we travelled our way around Memphis, trying amazing dishes on the way so we could bring to you our delicious barbecue sauce. Juicy Italian tomatoes, fruity apple and a naughty little kick of cayenne are blended together to bring you fabulous flavour  

Cook up and epic storm with our Memphis BBQ Sauce

Sensational as a steak sauce, crikey it’s good with chips and sooooo good in a sausage sandwich. We could go on forever about our Memphis Red BBQ Sauce as it is seriously good. There’s nothing you can’t have it with. Marinade your meat in it, cook it all day with some pork in the slow cooker or enjoy it with friends at a BBQ. The possibilities are endless. It’s extremely good, oh, did we mention we’ve won an award for it?

The magic ingredient in your meals

Buy our sauce and never look back. Boring chicken dishes will never taste boring again. Use our sauce as a glaze or a finishing sauce. It’s so versatile that you can enjoy it warm or cold, whatever takes your fancy is the best way to eat it in our opinion. It’s so darn good that you’ll probably need to order more than one bottle as you just won’t be able to get enough of it. It’s pure goodness containing no horrible artificial ingredients.

Award Winning

In case we haven’t mentioned it….We are proud winners of the Great Taste Awards 2017 winning a GOLD star none the less! This award just goes to show how truly awesome our BBQ Sauce is. Sweet caramel notes of muscovado sugar, fruity apple and a naughty little kick of cayenne was enough to wow the judges. Now we want to wow you! Our customers adore our sauce, they pretty much put it on anything so it’s time for you to experience our award winning BBQ sauce for yourself.

BUY NOW and you’ll never buy another brand of BBQ sauce again

How to use it: Pour the BBQ sauce into a cup or bowl and dip your brush or spoon in. When you are done, throw the excess BBQ sauce away.

Warm the sauce. If you can, warm the BBQ sauce in a pan or in the microwave to take the chill off.

Apply the BBQ sauce after the meat is ready. So apply the BBQ sauce at the end of the cook, just long enough to heat it and cook it without burning it. If you are cooking over indirect heat, low and slow at about 225°F, and you should be, you can add the sauce about 30 minutes before removing the ribs.

Apply the BBQ sauce at the table. A good strategy is to serve the meat without BBQ sauce and allow your guests to apply it at the table as a finishing sauce in whatever quantity they like.