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Great Northern Larder

Coffee - Savoury Spice Rub for all Meat

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If you thought your filet mignon only paired well with a robust cabernet sauvignon, think again. Most wine sommeliers agree that the right coffee rub for steak has a comparable effect on meat as would wine.

The reason wine professionals and enthusiasts pair their wines with a perfect cut of meat is because of the acidity. The high tannin concentrations in bold reds allows your palate to ‘cleanse’ the inside of your mouth to truly enjoy the fatty richness of your steak. What most foodies overlook is that coffee grounds can have the same effect.

Coffee grounds can be used as rub for almost any cut of meat. The acidity levels of coffee replicate tannins in wine, which allow amplification of flavor. But it doesn’t stop there. Coffee rub on steak can also act as a tenderiser, making meat softer and enhancing the moisture of the meat by creating a sealed crust of flavor.


Coffee Beans, Sea Salt, Spanish Oak Smoked Paprika, Raw Cane Sugar, Black Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Caraway, Cumin, Ginger

Made with 100% Natural Herbs & Spices