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Great Northern Larder

Nollaig - The Most Wonderful Spice of the Year

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Use this warming spice rub on your roast ham, turkey or beef. Or for a sweeter option make ginger biscuits, banana bread, spiced buttercream, apple crumble, homemade granola or spice up your porridge in the morning. 

And not forgetting our hot beverages - try a Nollaig Hot Chocolate!! OR even better - make mulled wine or cider in February.

In our house though I'm more thinking a Nollaig Hot Whiskey after a cold, wintry walk. Just add a few slices of orange or lemon and a totey bit of sugar. Yummm :)


Cinnamon, Ground Coriander, Brown Sugar, Lemon Peel Powder, Nutmeg, Ginger, Sea Salt, Ground Cloves

Made with 100% Natural Herbs & Spices