Pizza Oven Kiln Dried Oak Wood

Pizza Oven Kiln Dried Oak Wood

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Oak is the second most popular firewood for a pizza oven in Italy.

Oak doesn’t catch fire as easily as olive, and the flame is not so lively and intensive. It burns slowly and also gives the right quantity of hot embers.

In pizza ovens, Italians often use oak in the first stage of firing to heat up the oven. After heating up the oven, they make a bed of embers over the cooking floor to charge the accumulated heat.

In the later stage of pizza cooking, embers placed on the side of the oven serve as a constant source of heat.

Because of its features, oak is perfect also for grilling and slow cooking with embers or small flame.

We supply in 10kg boxes (approximate weight - we fill the box) and each piece is cut to 30 cm max and usually a small diameter - 6 -12 cm.