Pizza Oven Sun Dried Olive Wood

Pizza Oven Sun Dried Olive Wood

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Olive wood is considered the most valuable firewood for pizza ovens in Italy.

The olive tree grows very slowly. Hence the wood is very dense, and the high density of timber goes together with hardness. Moreover, olive wood is sturdy, much harder than oak.

Dense woods often don’t burn very well, but olive wood has oil, so it makes a great fire without crackling and then a lot of hot embers too. Furthermore, the oil from the olive wood releases a delicious aroma at the beginning of the burning.

Unfortunately, olive firewood is scarce even in Italy, one of the greatest producers of olives. Because of its hardness and the beautiful structure, olive wood is very desirable in the production of furniture and carving.

All our olive is sourced from the pruning of trees in olive farms around the Mediterranean Sea. We supply in 10kg boxes (approximate weight - we fill the box) and each piece is cut to 30 cm max and usually a small diameter - 6 -12 cm.