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Regahrub - Bad Buffalo Gunpowder

Regahrub - Bad Buffalo Gunpowder

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RègâhRub is the hottest BBQ seasoning right now, brought to you by renowned competition BBQ team The “Rokende Regahs”. These BBQ seasonings have been years in development on the competition circuit and are now ready to help you elevate your BBQ game to the next level in your backyard or in competitions. These fiery spice blends will amaze you and your friends and make you the champion of your neighborhood.

Bad Buffalo Gunpowder is primarily developed for beef and then especially for Brisket. With this rub the team has won multiple first places, ended the 2019 season 5th in Europe and was Dutch Champion Brisket. Because Brisket is not something you cook every day, we have started to experiment on which this unique BBQ rub is also tasty. It soon became clear that it’s great on almost everything. From chicken wings to fried tostada’s or easily mixed with some minced meat for some killer Bad Buffalo Burgers. It’s also a great alternative for pepper and salt on a steak or ribeye. Bad Buffalo Gunpowder is a very versatile spice blend that belongs in everyone's cupboard.

100g bag