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Thai Sriracha & Palm Sugar Rub 200g

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Red chillies.....check. Garlic...... check, vinegar....... check. 


This vibrant and full flavoured rub brings all the familiar flavours of Thai Sriracha sauce to your plate, with a levelling of sweetness from traditional palm sugar - a match made in heaven.


Love the flavours of eastern inspired cuisine? Then this is a must in your arsenal. A medium heated BBQ rub that will transform any protein, fish, seafood or veg, and teleport you to the floating markets of Thailand.


We were massively inspired by our time in Thailand and can recommend the below dishes to try with this rub;


Reverse seared sirloin and sriracha wraps


Spicy sriracha wings or ribs


Thai style crab omelette


Sriracha fried/vortex chicken (KFC/BFC)


Eastern pork belly with sriracha rub mayo


Sriracha rub added to maple syrup as a glaze or pancake toping


Spicy char-grilled prawns


Korean sriracha burgers


Add the rub to Ramen to create new flavour explosion 


Palm sugar, red jalapeno, garlic, salt, palm sugar, CORN FLOUR, MALT VINEGAR, red chilli flakes, red jalapeno flakes, xanthum gum, paprika


Allergens are highlighted in BOLD